Tuesday, 10 March 2009

R$1500 approx. raised for our charity.

Juilliard Student Concert to benefit ABCM sponsored by Curry Mallet Arts Trust
The event was judged to be a great success and much enjoyed by those that attended.
Approximately 70 people were present. The musicians and helpers numbered 15 people with 51 paying guests. The contribution of R$50 was 'a suggested minimum' but on the night larger groups contributed smaller amounts. One of the organisers following the event made a large additional contribution.
We were pleased everyone who attended had a good time. The food was provided and paid for by directors of La Lupa restaurant and was excellent. Two birthday cakes were consumed and the orchestra played happy birthday for the three quests with a birthday that night - including me!! The only major hiccup was when the ice failed to turn up to cool the 20 bottles of Prosecco wine but that problem was sorted out later. The musician took with them a bottle of sparkling wine each so I only hope they didn't have a hangover the following day! The cost of printing of the concert program was donated.
Donations *: R$1870 Additional contribution R$181 Expenses**: -R$581
Balance to be given to the charity R$1470. Conceicao Machedo will pickup the money this week.

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